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Lloyd’s mission is to connect people, and to build lasting relationships on a corporate and personal level, in a fun and powerful way. His ability to teach and coach, his strong commitment to sharing his love of golf, and empowering others to build their skill level and confidence, make him an outstanding instructor on the links. The incorporation of his training in yoga and Pilates gives him access to a wealth of powerful teaching distinctions that protect the body and increase flexibility and strength. In his business career as a corporate account executive, Lloyd had the opportunity to develop great relationships with many high level professionals and clients on the golf course.



He is clear about the difference it makes to share the camaraderie and enjoyment of the great game of golf. He meets people where they are, regardless of their current ability, and provides them with the kind of insightful coaching that pinpoints their individual areas of learning, and takes them to the next level of excellence. Lloyd’s passion for golf began with his father, a great golfer and coach. He first caddied for him as a young boy, and with his dad’s partnership, won a father-son tournament at the age of 14. Lloyd went on to play in the North Carolina High School Golf Championships, his junior and senior years, and while at Shenandoah University, in Virginia, he was on the golf team, and participated in the state championships. Lloyd firmly believes that golf is a game for everyone.Because it is a game, like life, won or lost with “what’s between your ears,” he focuses on the fundaMENTALs, the most important part of the game being mindset! Along with the valuable basics,Lloyd coaches his clients on how to think when they play, and not just how to “hit the ball.” As a commitment to give back and to make a difference, Lloyd has often volunteered for the ZurichClassic in New Orleans, and is a volunteer Coach for the “First Tee” of Greater Austin. There,youngsters are given the opportunity to learn the game, and are taught by professionals like Lloyd,that golf is more than just a game of skill. They learn that it is an opportunity for a lifetime of fun,and a way of connecting with their inner strength. It is a pathway for developing the values, habits,and the personal connections that build a successful life.