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Golf / Yoga Workshop

Golf with Flow Yoga!From beginners to experienced golfers, get ready to take your game to the next level by incorporating yoga. Increase your flexibility and focus by joining the principles of yoga with golf. You will become more naturally centered, improve your balance and gain a new sense of gracefulness and ease in your golf game. Our Promise to You: You will learn to play golf the Flow Yoga way if you’re new to golf.
If you’re an experienced golfer you will lower your golf score, hit longer shots and improve your strength and flexibility. You will become more focused and centered and will find a new sense of ease, flexibility and enjoyment of your game. Find out more Here!
Golf Zen™ I’m a Certified Professional Golf Instructor with over 40 years of experience and training in playing and teaching others to play and LOVE teaching the game of golf!

I firmly believe that anyone can play golf because it is a game won or lost with the talent between your ears – so my focus is on the fundaMENTALs – the most important part – the mindset!

Golf Lesson/Skills Analysis! Give me just one hour and I’ll improve your game! If you’re a beginner, I’ll teach you the basics of the game in a way that you will enjoy it!

Save $100 Five one hour lessons for the price of four. Only $299. You get one free!

Save $40 on First Lesson and Swing Analysis with Videos. Only $40
Individual lessons are also available for $80!
This special is available for a limited time only. Call me now at 512.633.6621 or send me an email.